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About Us

ConfX is a global events company. We're redefining the world of professional events with our immersive and engaging event platforms. Our industry-tailored tech summits and conferences are designed to offer our participants a unique mix of networking, knowledge, and growth opportunities.


We focus on highlighting the transformative impact of technology across various sectors, empowering participants to navigate the complexities of today's dynamic world and take on the challenges of tomorrow.

Why we do what we do?

In a rapidly changing world, we're witnessing disruptions by a whole cluster of technologies. With the tremendous potential that these technological advancements bring, we are also bound to face the corresponding risks. The Fourth Industrial Revolution has brought us to an exponential age where businesses can no longer think linearly. 

Our decisions will reshape the very essence of humanity and affect every aspect of life on our planet. Are we truly prepared to harness this revolution? To navigate through the uncertainties, for an intentional and intelligent future, we rely on innovation and ideas that are primarily born from human interactions, conflicts, debates, and discussions.

How we do it?

We’re hopelessly convinced that our unrivalled projects will change the world (one event experience at a time). Guided by a team of seasoned event professionals with proven track records, we strive for excellence in every project.


With a creative and research-driven approach, we design strategic agendas covering the most exciting topics, collaborate with elite speakers and subject matter experts, and bring together the right partners across industries. Understanding the nuanced requirements of B2B audiences, we tailor our events to maximize value, fostering impactful connections.

We welcome you to join us and to be a part of a journey that shapes the future of our society.

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